1. How do I create a team?

This feature is coming REAL soon

2. How do I enter a tournament?
3. I have a problem; how can I get help?
4. Do I need to add my gamertag to my profile?
5. Will there be more games other than FIFA 17?
6. Can I join the GEEM Team?
7. Do you have plans for live events?
8. Is GEEM part of ESIC?


1. Do I need to be a paid member to access the website?

Absolutely not, you can sign up as a free member, but if you want the access to all the cool stuff and the chance to play in unlimited tournaments for cash and prizes, you need to sign up for the premium package.

2. How much is it to be a member?
3. What do I get if I become a member?
4. What Tournaments can I play in with a free membership?


1. How do I see what tournaments there are?

Make sure you go to our competition listings page here. You can see all the action happening on the site, if you are only interested in particular games/consoles, make sure you define your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. How do I enter a tournament?
3. Where can I find more information about each tournament?
4. Can I enter more than one competition?
5. How I do check in for the tournaments?
6. I need to report my score, where do I do this?
7. What happens if there is a score dispute?


1. What points are on offer for playing in a competition?

Points vary depending on which competition you are in. You can see the available points on each competition detail page.

2. Why do you have leaderboards?
3. What do you win for being top of the leaderboard?
4. How do I get more GEEM points?


1. What prizes can I win?

GEEM offers various cash prizes for winning tournaments and ladders on the website. Each tournament/ladder will have varying prize pools, please check the competition page for prize details . Additionally, GEEM offers Member Giveaways run through Social Media, these prizes include but not limited to, merchandise, equipment and clothing.

2. When will I receive my prize money?
3. I won a Member’s Giveaway, how do I claim my prize?
4. I’ve not received my prize yet, what can I do?